CSGO Aimbot

CSGO Aimbot Description

In the video game CSGO, cheaters have developed a method for instantly targeting and killing an opponent, the moment an enemy appears in your screen you can press a key to enable the Aimbot and your weapon will make the kill faster than a human can.

What is a CSGO Aimbot?

An Aimbot uses information sent to your client to detect player locations and the exact position of their head at any given time. By enabling the Aimbot the cheat will automatically snap your cross-hair to the head of the opponent.

What does the CSGO Aimbot have to offer??

First of all you can select the key-bind which you wish to activate the Aimbot. You can also select between traditional Aimbot and silent Aimbot. Silent-aim basically snaps your cursor straight to your opponents head and back again, while making the kill and none of this is visible on your screen. You can use the FOV slider to determine how close the enemy has to be to your cursor for the Aimbot to target him. You can also select the smoothing to determine how deadly the Aimbot is, if you select a high smooth then the Aimbot will look legit for matchmaking, if you set the smoothing on low then the Aimbot will be very fast and deadly.

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Apr 13, 2018
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