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Supported Anticheats
Valve Anti Cheat (VAC)
Face IT (server side, not faceit client)
$7.50 / 1 month
$14.99 / 3 months
Vorsprung Durch Technik
Our Legit Aimbot feels more like an aim assist so you can say goodbye to being reported. You can bind our aimbot to the fire key, so everytime you fire you get some assistance. You can also control the FOV and smooth to choose between Rage and Legit
Grenade Prediction
Our CSGO grenade prediction cheat will draw a line showing where your grenade will fly and land.
Each time your crosshair aims at an enemy, the cheat will automatically fire a bullet. You can choose the keybind and also add some delay to seem more legit!
Humanized Aimbot
Tweak your aimbot settings to the finest and most legitimate settings in the game with Insanitycheats humanized aimbot.
Silent Aimbot
Insanity's silent aimbot is very powerful. Snap right to your enemies head for that instant kill.
Take advantage of Insanitycheats Backtracking function and teleport the enemy back to his old position.
Box Esp
Old but gold, A box ESP helps you to spot the enemy easier than with a glow ESP. All cheats have it, now Insanitycheats has it too.
Glow Esp
Glow ESP will display a glow effect around your enemies allowing you to see through walls and line up the perfect shot. You can also change the colors to anything you desire
Chams Esp
Chams changes the enemy players to a bright color. It's very similar to Glow ESP but totally different at the same time. It's awesome to be honest!
Changes your hands to a cool effect known as Wireframe hands!
Item Esp
Want to choose a new weapon, can't find the perfect one on the battlefield? Our Item ESP can help you out, by showing you all available weapons on the battlefield.
Tired of that old mini map? Want to know where all enemies are by just looking at a mini map? Worry not, because then Insanity's radar feature is just for you. A quick look at the radar and you already won the game!
Hold spacebar and let our bunnyhop do the rest! Travel around the map at insane speeds!
Change your weapon skin to any skin in CSGO from the in game menu
Change your knife to any knife in CSGO without owning it in your inventory. You can choose the knife from want from the in game menu
Don't pay more for your cheats when you dont need to! We offer a very competitive hack at a fair price. After buying our cheat you will be upgraded instantly and you can download our cheat from the premium only area on our website. After downloading the cheat you can be online in just a matter of minutes. If you get stuck, dont worry, we have a shoutbox and a help section where you can recieve 24/7 support. Don't miss out, try one of the deadliest CSGO cheats on the market.
Jun 20, 2017
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