• Recoil Management
  • Auto Shooting
  • Selective Hitbox
  • Delay Settings
  • Individualized Weapon Configurations
  • Custom Shortcut Keys


  • Automatic Firing
  • Crosshair Intersection (Incross)
  • Delay Configuration
  • Target Hitbox

Visibility Assessment

  • Spotted by Enemy (bSpotted)
  • AVX-Enhanced Map Parsing (VPK)

Visual Enhancements

  • Text Display for Players (Player Text ESP)
  • Box-Shaped ESP (Box ESP)
  • Skeleton Display (Bone ESP)
  • Illuminated Targets (Glow ESP)
  • Display Only When Visible (Show visible only)
  • Text Customization (Alignment, Fonts, Colors)
  • Detonation Countdown (C4 Timer)
  • Dark Mode (Nightmode)
  • Observer Panel (Spectator list)
  • On-Screen Radar
  • Streaming Concealment (Streamproof)

Additional Features

  • Skin Modifications (Skinchanger)
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Last Updated 19/09/23.
If you want a feature and it’s not listed here, please check with staff if this list is outdated.