Visibility Checks – Controls targeting of enemies through walls and changes their color when visible.

Show Team – Enables wallhacks for teammates.

Target Team – Allows aimbot and triggerbot to target teammates, useful in certain game modes.

Safe Mode – Disables memory writing, affecting features like skin changer, model changer, knife changer, and glove changer.

Skin Changer

Changes the appearance of weapons, gloves, knives, agents and models in-game.

Select List – Choose between Gun Skins, Gloves, Knives, Agents and Models.

Enabled – Activates Skin Changer.


Automatically aims at enemies, increasing shooting accuracy.

Enabled – Toggles aimbot.

Hitbox Selection – Selects the body part (head, neck, chest, etc.) to target.

Switch Target – Automatically targets a second enemy within aimbot’s FOV.

Field of View – Displays an FOV square; aimbot activates when crosshair is inside it.

Smooth Level X – Controls aimbot speed on the X-axis (lower for faster aiming, higher for legit).

Smooth Level Y – Controls aimbot speed on the Y-axis (lower for faster aiming, higher for legit).

Recoil Compensation – Adds recoil compensation while using aimbot.

X-axis – Controls recoil compensation on the X-axis for each weapon (recommended 50%).

Y-axis – Controls recoil compensation on the Y-axis for each weapon (recommended 50%).


Automatically fires when the crosshair is over an enemy, enhancing reaction time and precision in shooting.

Enabled – Toggles triggerbot.

Hitbox Selection – Chooses the body part to activate triggerbot (e.g., head only for rage mode).

Recoil Compensation – Adds recoil control to triggerbot.

Auto Fire – Automatically fires when crosshair is on an enemy.

First Shot Delay – Adds a delay before the first shot.

Fire Delay – Sets a delay between shots.

Zero-Velocity Fire – Determines if triggerbot fires while moving.

ESP (wallhacks)

Allows players to see enemies through walls.

Enabled – Activates ESP.

Visible Only – Shows enemies only when visible.

Box – Draws a box around targets.

Box Style – Changes box appearance.

Gradient – Applies gradient color to box ESP.

Box Fill – Fills boxes with color.

Box Shadow – Adds shadow to boxes.

Box Thickness – Adjusts box border thickness.

Distance Fade – Fades ESP with distance.

Fade Level – Controls fade intensity.

Display Name – Shows player names.

Display Health – Shows health bars.

Display Weapon – Shows carried weapons.

Font Size – Adjusts ESP text size.

Player Bones – Visualizes skeletons.

Target Bone – Draws a dot on enemy heads.

Field of View – Displays aimbot FOV for tuning.


Enhances the in-game radar, providing advanced awareness of enemy positions not normally visible, thus giving a strategic advantage in gameplay.

Enabled – Activates radar hacks.

Clip Positions – Manages radar element positioning.

Radar Size – Adjusts radar size.

Player Size – Changes player size on radar.

No Background – Removes radar background.

C4 Timer – Shows a timer for C4 explosives.


Standalone RCS – Reduces recoil without aimbot or triggerbot.

Trigger when – Activates RCS when bullets are available.

Compensate X-axis – Adjusts recoil compensation on X-axis.

Compensate Y-axis – Adjusts recoil compensation on Y-axis.

RCS Smooth X – Smoothens recoil control on X-axis.

RCS Smooth Y – Smoothens recoil control on Y-axis.

Recoil Crosshair – Adds a crosshair for recoil control.

Exposure – Adjusts game brightness.

Exposure Level – Controls the degree of brightness or darkness.

Spectator List – Displays a list of players spectating you.


Save, load, and share configurations; includes config storage path.

Config – Save, load, and share configurations; includes config storage path.

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